Case Report

A Case of Juvenil Ocular Rosacea - Case Report

  • Altan Atakan Özcan
  • Derya Cindarik
  • Ayşe Tandoğan
  • T. Reha Ersöz

Received Date: 25.04.2008 Accepted Date: 27.06.2008 Turk J Ophthalmol 2008;38(5):443-445


To report our treatment in a case with juvenil ocular rosacea.


A 9 -year- old girl admitted to our clinic, with the complaint of difficulty while openning her eyes which was deteriorated in last month and also she had photophobia, lacrima-tion, and hyperemia in her both eyes for last two years.


Ophtalmological examination revealed paracentral vascularized leucoma with conjunctival hyperemia in right eye. The anterior chamber was narrow and a perforation bloc-ked by iris was detected in peripheral cornea at 3 o'clock position in left eye. Perforation was managed by conjunctival patch with tenon in her left eye. Artificial eye drops and steroids were started bilateraly with systemic erythromycin treatment. During follow-up periods, her complaint has disappeared and visual acuity has increased.


Juvenil ocular rosacea is a rare disease of childhood with variable eye mani-festations without skin involvement. Systemic antibiotic besides topical treatment and surgery in selected cases could give successful results.

Keywords: Juvenil ocular rosacea, eye findings, treatment

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