Case Report

A Rarely Seen Complication After Strabismus Surgery: Forgotten Foreign Body


  • Umut Karaca
  • Fatih Mehmet Mutlu
  • Esin Oral
  • Soner Albay

Received Date: 03.01.2013 Accepted Date: 04.06.2013 Turk J Ophthalmol 2014;44(1):78-79

A 21-year-old male patient operated for esotropia 10 months ago presented to our clinic with the complaint of swelling and stinging on the right upper eyelid. Physical examination revealed a yellowish foreign body (cellulose sponge) at the lateral fornix, which induced localized papillary reaction on eyelid conjunctiva and vascularization on bulbar conjunctiva. The foreign body was removed and medical treatment was initiated. Foreign body surrounded with giant cells was reported on histopathologic examination. Although cellulose sponge is not routinely used in strabismus surgery, it may be used especially in some hemorrhagic cases. It is important to control the field and to remove all materials from the eye at the end of the surgery.

Keywords: Strabismus Surgery, foreign body, allergic reaction

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