Case Report

Acquired Esotropia As Presenting Sign Arnold Chiari Malformation: Case Report

  • Elvan Yalçın
  • Sadık Şencan
  • Fethiye Gülden Turgut

Turk J Ophthalmol 2009;39(2):148-152

Arnold Chiari Malformation is a congenital anomaly that usually becomes symptomatic in the second or third decade of life, although it may remain asymptomatic.Generally the first symptoms are hyperactive deep tendon reflexes and nystagmus.Rarely, the presenting symptoms is acquired esotropia. We are presenting a case that presented to our clinic with acquired esotropia and headache and subsequently diagnosed as Arnold Chiari malformation.with Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),of the brain.

Keywords: Acquired esotropia, Arnold Chiari malformation