Case Report

Acute Dacryocystitis After an Uneventful Pterygium Excision


  • Altan Göktaş
  • Koray Gümüş
  • Hatice Arda
  • Duygu Topaktaş
  • Ayşe Öner
  • Sarper Karaküçük
  • Ertuğrul Mirza

Received Date: 02.11.2010 Accepted Date: 22.11.2011 Turk J Ophthalmol 2012;42(1):78-80

A 36-year-old woman who had undergone uncomplicated pterygium surgery was admitted to our eye clinic with a clinical picture of acute dacryocystitis and periorbital cellulitis six days after the surgery. When the patient’s medical history was re-evaluated in detail, it was noticed that she had complained of intermittent epiphora in her right eye for two years. After healing with systemic antibiotic treatment, drainage system was assessed by syringing saline into the nasolacrimal system. During the evaluation, a severe obstruction was observed in the nasolacrimal sac. As a conclusion, all patients should be carefully examined with regard to nasolacrimal drainage system prior to any ocular surgery. (Turk J Ophthalmol 2012; 42: 78-80)

Keywords: Pterygium surgery, dacryocystitis, ocular flora

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