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Clinical Features and Signs in Sarcoidosis Uveitis - Original Article

  • Mehmet Çıtırık
  • Murat Serkan Songur
  • Emel Soykan
  • Nilüfer Berker
  • Orhan Zilelioğlu

Received Date: 05.11.2007 Accepted Date: 08.02.2008 Turk J Ophthalmol 2008;38(1):33-37


To investigate the sexuality, age, follow up time, mean frequency of uveitis and accompanying eye examination findings of cases that were diagnosed as sarcoidosis uveitis.

Material and Method:

From 1999 to the 2006, 21 patients with sarcoidosis uveitis in SB Ankara Ulucanlar Eye Education and Research Hospital Uvea Clinic were involved in this study retrospectively. A complete ophthalmological examination including visual acuity, applanation tonometry, biomicroscobic examination findings, and dilated examination of the posterior segment was evaluated in first examination and follow-up period.


15 women (71.42%) and 6 men (28.57%) were available for follow up evaluation.The average age of patients was 44.9 years (18-63 years). Mean time of diagnosis of cases was 4.34 years (1-10 years). Mean follow up period was 3.64 years (1-9 years). Twenty-nine eyes of 21 patients were involved. Thirteen patients had unilateral, and 8 patients had bilateral involvement. At the onset of the follow up, anterior uveitis, posterior uveitis and panuveitis were determined in 16 (55.17%), 3 (10.34%), and 10 (34.48%) of 29 eyes respectively. Sequel keratic precipitates in 15 eyes (51.72%), cataract in 14 eyes (48.27%), posterior synechiae in 9 eyes (31.03%), seclusio pupilla in 2 eyes (6.89%), posterior capsular opacification in 2 eyes (6.89%), and band keratopathy in 1 eye (3.44%) were found as anterior segment findings. Vitreous condensation in 6 eyes (20.68%), optic atrophy in 5 eyes (17.24%), cystoid macular edema in 2 eyes (6.89%), retinal periphlebitis in 2 eyes (6.89%), and retinal granuloma in 1 eye (3.44%) were found as posterior segment findings.


Keratic precipitate was the most common anterior segment complication in sarcoidosis uveitis. Optic atrophy was the most common posterior segment complication. Posterior segment inşammation was the most serious cause of visual loss.

Keywords: Sarcoidosis, uveitis

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