Original Article

Complications Following Corneal Cross-Linking Treatment in Keratectasia


  • Faik Oruçoğlu

Received Date: 23.06.2012 Accepted Date: 25.09.2012 Turk J Ophthalmol 2013;43(1):1-6


To report complications of corneal cross-linking treatment in keratoconus and secondary ectatic eyes.

Ma­te­ri­al and Met­hod:

Cases that were treated between February 2007 and February 2011, had a minimum follow-up of one month, and developed complications following corneal cross-linking were retrospectively evaluated.


Complication data were present in eight cases. Scar formation developed in three cases. Scar density has decreased in one patient during long-term follow-up. Keratometric flattening was observed associated with scar development. Cross-linking was performed on the second eye of the affected patient, and no scar development was observed. Corneal clouding was observed in one patient three days after treatment. Corneal clouding has decreased in the following days. Local corneal edema has developed in one patient, and improvement was achieved in the following days. Uveitis has developed in one case with total improvement after adding topical steroids. Post-LASIK ectasia eye showed deep lamellar keratitis after cross-linking. In one patient, epithelization was completed in 14 days.


Corneal scars, corneal clouding and edema, uveitis, and late epithelization are possible complications after corneal cross-linking. Scar density was decreased, while other complications showed total improvement.

Keywords: Keratoconus, corneal cross-linking, complications

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