Case Report

Idiopathic Orbital Myositis in a Child


  • Ayşel Pelit
  • Burak Ulaş
  • Özlem Alkan

Received Date: 09.08.2012 Accepted Date: 19.11.2012 Turk J Ophthalmol 2013;43(5):362-364

Idiopathic orbital myositis is seen very rare in children. In this article, the diagnose criteria of a pediatric case with idiopathic orbital myositis and oral non-steroid anti-inflammatory treatment’s response have been evaluated. A thirteen-year-old girl was admitted to our clinic with the complaint of diplopia and pain. On ophthalmologic examination, right eye had up-gaze restriction. Right superior rectus muscle’s extension and contrast involvement have been observed in orbital magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Based on the MRI findings and due to absence of systemic disease, our case was diagnosed as idiopathic orbital myositis. Oral non-steroid anti-inflammatory treatment was applied to the patient. After a month from starting the treatment, up-gaze restriction and diplopia have not been observed and no relapse was seen in eighteen-month follow-up visits. Idiopathic orbital myositis should be considered among differential diagnoses in children who have complaint of orbital pain and diplopia. Non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs can be effective in the treatment of idiopathic orbital myositis.

Keywords: Idiopathic orbital myositis, idiopathic orbital inflammation, non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs

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