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Etiologic and clinical features of uveitis in children - Original Article

  • Sevda Metindoğan
  • Yonca Aydın Akova
  • Sirel Gür Güngör
  • Esra Baskın

Received Date: 24.05.2009 Accepted Date: 23.07.2009 Turk J Ophthalmol 2009;39(5):392-397


To evaluate the etiologic and clinical features and ocular manifestations of the pediatric uveitis.


This study included 23 children with uveitis treated between 1999 and 2008 in Ophthalmology Department and Pediatric Rheumotology Department of Baskent University Hospital. Results: Twenty three patients (14 male, 9 female) were included in the study. The mean follow-up period was 21 months (range, 1-70 months) and mean age at presentation was 11.52 years (range, 2-16 years). Fourteen patients (60.86 %) presented with bilateral ocular disease, 9 patients (39.13 %) presented with unilateral ocular disease. Of the 23 patients 10 (43.47 %) had intermediate uveitis, 5 (21.73 %) had panuveitis, 5 (21.73 %) had anterior uveitis and 3 (13.04 %) had posterior uveitis. Etiology of uveitis was JRA in 7 patients, Behcet’s disease in 5 patients, pars planitis in 4 patients, toxoplasmosis in 2 patients, HLA B27 associated uveitis in 1 patient, herpetic uveitis in 1 patient, Fuchs’ heterochromic uveitis in 1 patient, lyme disease associated uveitis in 1 patient. Anterior segment complications included glaucoma in 8 patients, cataract formation in 6 patients, posterior synechiae in 6 patients, band keratopaty in 2 patients. Posterior segment complications included cystoid macular edema in 8 patients, epiretinal membran formation in 1 patient, retinal detachment in 1 patient, retinoschisis in 1 patient. Of the 6 patients who developed cataract during follow up; 4 underwent cataract surgery and intr ocular lens implantation. Immunsupressive treatment and/or systemic steroids were given to 17 patients.


Diagnosis and appropriate treatment may be more complicated in pediatric uveitis than adulthood uveitis. The diagnosis and treatment of the underlying systemic disease may be useful at the management of the visual and systemic complications.

Keywords: Pediatric üveitis, etiology, complication, treatment

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