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Factors That Cause Delay of Sugical Treatment in Strabismus - Original Article

  • Peykan Türkçüoğlu
  • Orhan Aydemir
  • Murat Kaya
  • Burak Turgut

Received Date: 18.01.2008 Accepted Date: 19.07.2008 Turk J Ophthalmol 2008;38(6):510-514


To determine the factors that delayed the diagnosis and surgical intervention in patients who underwent strabismus surgery.


Between January-December 2006 patients who underwent strabismus surgery or their parents were given a questionnaire about the causes of delay of diagnosis or surgical inter-vention.


The ages of 38 male and 39 female patients ranged between 9 months and 60 ye-ars. 45 patients were under the age of 10 (strabismus was recognized under the age of 6 months in 18; above the age of 6 months in 27 of them). The duration from the first recognition to ad-mition to a doctor was ranged between 1 month and 43 year (86±108), 1 and 60 months (11± 17), 1 and 42 months (6±11) in groups above age of ten years, under the age of 6 months, above the age of 6 months, respectively. 17 (94%), 21 (78%) and 29 (91%) patients first admitted to an ophthalmologist in the group above age 10 years, in the group under age 6 months and in the group above age 6 months, respectively. In two of the seventy-seven patients diagnosis of strabismus was delayed because of ophthalmologists. The mean time periods that the patients ac-cepted the surgical intervention were 6±12 months in the group under the age 6 months; 3±10 months in the group above the age 6 months; 25±48 months in the group above ten years of age. %62 of the patients accepted the surgical intervention promptly, however %38 of the patients rejected surgery due to affair of being worser, fear of unknown cause, distrust to the doctor, anesthesia risks, inattention, familial problems and belief to improve spontaneously.


More attention must be given to the education of the ophthalmologists and public in order not to lose important time in strabismus surgery.

Keywords: Strabismus, surgical intervention, delay

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