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Limbal Conjunctival Autograft Techniquefor Recurrent Pterygium


  • Ahmet Özer
  • Nazmiye Erol
  • Hüseyin Gürsoy
  • Afsun Şahin
  • Hikmet Başmak

Received Date: 06.11.2012 Accepted Date: 27.05.2013 Turk J Ophthalmol 2013;43(4):241-244


To present our results of limbal conjunctival autograft technique (LCAT) for recurrent pterygium which developed after different surgical techniques for primary pterygium.

Material and Method:

Cases, who underwent LCAT for the treatment of recurrent pterygium, were evaluated. The cases were divided into three groups based on the primary surgery performed. Recurrent pterygium developed after bare sclera technique in group 1, LCAT in group 2, and amniotic membrane graft technique in group 3. Corneal epithelization, recurrence rate, and postoperative complications were compared among groups.


Forty-two eyes of 42 patients were evaluated. Nineteen eyes of 19 patients formed group 1, 11 eyes of 11 patients - group 2, and 12 eyes of 12 patients - group 3. Mean age (years) was 45.38±12.22 (24-72) in group 1, 46.81±13.41 (25-73) in group 2, and 44.83±11.92 (27-66) in group 3. Follow-up (months) was 19.38±6.03 (9-32) in group 1, 21.37±7.41 (11-34) in group 2, and 20.93±7.26 (10-34) in group 3. Postoperative corneal epithelization was completed after 5.62±1.74 (2-7) days in group 1, 4.33±0.91 (2-7) days in group 2, and 4.79±1.39 (2-7) days in group 3 (p=0.035). Recurrence was detected in 4 eyes in group 1 (21%), 3 eyes in group 2 (27%), and 3 eyes in group 3 (25%) (p=0.092). Postoperative complications were not observed in neither of the groups.


LCAT seems to be an efficient treatment for recurrent pterygium with high success and low recurrence rates regardless of the primary surgery. Low recurrence rates in LCAT may be due to the limbal stem cells transplanted with conjunctival autograft to pterygium excision area. Early corneal epithelization in recurrences following LCOT may be an indication of the maintenance to a certain degree of activities of the limbal stem cells transplanted in the primary surgery.

Keywords: Pterygium, recurrentpterygium, limbalconjunctivalautograft, baresclera, amnioticmembrane

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