New Imaging Methods in Eye Tumors - Ultrasound Biomicroscopy, Optic Coherence Tomography, and Fundus Autofluorescence


  • Ahmet Murat Sarıcı

Received Date: 28.05.2014 Accepted Date: 17.07.2014 Turk J Ophthalmol 2014;44(1):66-70

Several ancillary tests could be used in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of complications of eye tumors. Among those, ultrasound biomicroscopy has a particular role in the evaluation of anterior segment tumors. Optic coherence tomography and fundus autofluorescence have values in determining the architecture of posterior segment tumors and the effects of tumors on the adjacent structures. However, it should be noted that those tests have a meaning when they are evaluated together with the clinical features of the lesions.

Keywords: Ultrasound biomicroscopy, optic coherence tomography, fundus autofluorescence imaging, eye tumor

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