Case Report

Optical coherence tomography findings in macular coloboma

  • Adem Türk
  • Cenap Mahmut Esenülkü
  • Nurettin Akyol

Turk J Ophthalmol 2009;39(2):137-140

In this case presentation, we present optical coherence tomography findings of bilateral macular coloboma in a 4-year old girl with strabismus. In the biomicroscopical examination, there was no any abnormal finding. In the fundoscopic examination, there were lesions of approximately 3-4 disc diameter located at the both maculas resembling pigmentary macular coloboma. Optical coherence tomography examination encompassing bilateral macula identified the crater-like depression, atrophic neurosensory retina, and an absence of retinal pigment epithelium and choroid in the lesion locations. As observed during the presentation of this case, OCT examination were found to be beneficial in the identification of macular findings related to coloboma. The OCT may be beneficial diagnostic tool to confirm the diagnosis of macular coloboma.

Keywords: Low vision, Macular coloboma; Optical coherence tomography; Strabismus