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Posterior Sclerotomy Procedures in Evicseration - Original Article

  • Savaş Özay
  • Feyza Önder

Received Date: 08.03.2006 Accepted Date: 06.06.2008 Turk J Ophthalmol 2008;38(5):364-370


To evaluate the results of the evisceration surgeries with three different posterior sclerotomy procedures and to define these sclerotomy procedures.

Material and Method:

This retrospective study included 40 eyes of 40 patients who un-derwent evisceration and posterior sclerotomy surgery between the date of 2000-2005. The ca-ses were operated with 3 different techniques that; an evisceration with posterior sclerotomy with anterior scleral incisions on 4 radial quadrent (I. technique), an evisceration with sclerotomy with double scleral flebs formed 2 - 8 quadrent scleral incisions (II. technique) and an evisceration with scleral flebs which each flebs were held by a rectus muscle (III. technique).

Keywords: Posterior sclerotomy, evisceration, phthisis bulbi

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