Original Article

Reconstruction of The Eyelid Defects With Semisircular Flap: Surgical Results

  • Aydın Atasoy
  • Bülent Yazıcı

Received Date: 20.11.2007 Accepted Date: 22.02.2008 Turk J Ophthalmol 2008;38(2):116-121


To review the surgical results in patients who underwent an eyelid reconstruction with semicircular flap after tumor excision.

Materials Methods:

This study included 36 patients (21 men, 15 women; age range: 45 -81 years) who underwent eyelid reconstruction with semicircular flap after tumor excision. The patient charts were reviewed for demographic data, tumor features, surgical technique and postoperative results. The technique of semicircular flap was evaluated in terms of closure of tissue defect, postoperative cosmesis, complications and need of secondary surgery.


Thirthy-four patients had basal cell carcinoma, 2 patients had squamous cell carci-noma. Mean tumor diameter was 11 mm (range: 4-32 mm). Semicircular flap was applied as alone in 28 patients (78%) and in combination with other reconstruction methods in 8 patients (22%). According to the evaluation of the surgeon, a satisfactory eyelid appearance was obtai-ned after surgery in 34 patients (94%). After surgery, a total of 13 complications were recorded in 11 patients (31%); these were lateral canthal webbing in 5 patients (14%) and lower eyelid medial ectropion, lower eyelid lateral retraction, and symblepharon each in 2 patients (6%), and pyogenic granuloma and transient ptosis each in 1 patient (3%). Three patients (%8) were sug-gested a secondary surgical intervention because of medial ectropion or pyogenic granuloma. Follow-up time ranged from 4 to 81 months (mean time: 31 months).


Semicircular flap frequently achieves a satisfactory eyelid reconstruction in most patients for both esthetic and functional aspects, rarely causes significant complications requiring a secondary surgical intervention. This method allows reconstruction of the eyelid de-fects in one session and can be combined with the other reconstructive methods.

Keywords: Eyelid, reconstruction, semicircular flap

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