Original Article

Sutureless Conjunctival Autograft in Pterygium Traetment

  • Suat Hayri Uğurbaş
  • Şebnem Kargı
  • Atilla Alpay
  • Tuncer Güney

Turk J Ophthalmol 2007;37(5):333-337


To examine the efficacy and safety of fibrin glue replacing the sutures attaching conjunctival autografts for pterygium treatment and its effect on the surgery time and postoperative patient confort.

Material Methods:

Ten eyes of ten patients underwent pterygium excision during March 2005- August 2005. The conjunctival autograft harvested from the superior temporal conjunctiva of same eye was transferred to the bare sclera after the pterygium excision. The patients were followed for 3-7 months after surgery.


All conjunctival autografts were successfully attached to their new place except one case which had a small and thick graft. Mean surgical time was 18.4 (13-24) minutes. Subconjunctival hemorrhage under the graft was observed in one patient.


Fibrin glue may replace the sutures in conjunctival autografts as an effective method decreasing the operation time and increasing postoperative patient confort. Its major disadvantage seems to be the price.

Keywords: Pterygium, conjunctival autograft, fibrin glue