Case Report

True Polycoria Associated with Urogenital System Anomalies


  • Hüseyin Gürsoy
  • Barbaros Başeskioğlu
  • Hikmet Başmak

Received Date: 26.01.2010 Accepted Date: 28.06.2010 Turk J Ophthalmol 2010;40(5):304-306

True polycoria is a very rare eye anomaly. Very few true polycoria cases have been reported in the literature. Association of true polycoria and urogenital system anomalies has not been reported. In our study, we present a case, in which true polycoria was seen with cryptorchidism and ureteral stones. This association may provide further insight into the embryological development of the pupil.

Keywords: Polycoria, cryptorchidism, ureteral stones

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