Case Report

A Case of Acute Bilateral Syphilitic Uveitis


  • Dorukcan Akincioglu
  • Cem Özgönül
  • Gökçen Gökçe
  • Ali Hakan Durukan

Received Date: 18.11.2013 Accepted Date: 03.05.2014 Turk J Ophthalmol 2015;45(3):122-124

We aim to present the case of a patient with syphilitic uveitis whom dermatological and neurological examinations were normal. He presented with gradually worsening visual acuity in both eyes and both venereal disease research laboratory and microhemagglutination assay for Treponema pallidum serological tests were confirmatory for syphilis. In posterior segment examination, an uncommon manifestation of syphilitic uveitis and posterior placoid chorioretinitis was present in both eyes, however the left eye posterior segment inflammation was much worse in comparison to the fellow eye. Ocular manifestations of syphilis have a myriad of presentations, and the re-emergence in the last decades obligate us to keep in it mind in unexplained ocular inflammatory diseases even if patient history is not compatible.

Keywords: Chorioretinitis, syphilis, üveitis

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